© 2010 Carlos Moran

Moon pics

There was a clearly visible full moon last night and I wanted to take some pics.  I managed some with my 250mm zoom but I really wish I had a nice telescope on a night like that.  Along the way I changed some of my settings.  Since the moon it self is so bright I eventually had to use a high speed shutter which means the moon itself was more detailed but there were no other features of the night sky visible.  When there was cloud cover it diffused the light which was interesting.  The final picture is the best I could get from my zoom lens; the high ISO made it the final result grainy at high zoom levels.  Next time, I’ll find a new spot and maybe lower ISO. We’ll see what happens.

The light is eerie, but kind of cool!

A view through tree branches makes the moon seem more "glowy" than the next picture.

This is the clearest view of the moon. A high and relatively high speed shutter shows more details of the moons surface.