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DC Spots: Natural History and Air & Space Museums

On a seemingly random day,  I got a call from a friend of mine who lives in Richmond.  He was coming to DC the next day and was going to visit some museums and invited me to come along.  Luckily, I was free that day and brought my Canon XS.  I’ve been meaning to go to DC again to take pictures and this was one trip of many to come. [Maps]

View of the capitol; the Washington monument is directly behind me.

The Natural History museum

This is the imposing view at the entrance of the museum; which was packed!

Triceratops had quite a big head, scientifically speaking, of course.

I don't know what kind of creature this is but I appreciate the inclusion of the background to give a hint.

There's a huge minerals section on the second level which includes all kinds of gems as well.

The entrance to pan's labyrinth, or a strange tree formation; what's your take?

Layers of rock that has been folded into waves by geological processes, or something of that nature.

Cutting a meteorite reveals that it's made of metal!

Once outside, I managed a quick pick of this beautiful archway.

Inside the old post office there's a large open food court. This is the view looking up from the court.

At the top of the old post office.

The air and space museum.

Sputnick and a beautiful symmetric roof in the background.

Reconstruction of the moon landing; kind of surreal in that its very much exactly how it happen yet a couple hundred thousand miles away!

A beautiful scale reproduction of the shuttle.

A scale reproduction of the international space station shows how complex it really is.

Now the top view of the rockets.

A contrast of many generations of air travel.

These are the planes that commercial airlines used before the new planes with turbines arrived.

The predator is a fairly large drone plane.

A night time view of the museum is very inviting to your curiosity.

The capitol at night looks great.

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