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NYC: File Under Casual

So a sort of unplanned visit to Alfredo and Paula yielded a fun stop-over in NJ and a great view of the skyline from accross the river.   When I saw it, I parked my car, hoped not to get a ticket and stitched a panorama using Panolab.

View from North Bergen, NJ

After a relaxing game of scrabble we spent some time in the city and headed to a favourite place: Mamoun’s.  Here are some pictures from that night.  The most interesting picture to me was something that always catches my attention: an urban scene that could tell a thousand stories by virtue of its time there.  The ATM that was right outside Mamoun’s.

The other pictures were part of the night too.   We parked a few blocks away near the NYU campus.  We bought our Shawarma and ate it quite quickly (devoured it, rather) at Washington Square Park.  This part of the city seemed removed from the endless lights and high rises of Times Square (of which I also took a picture below).  Still, my favourite is of the ATM: roughed up and grungy, decorated by time and grimy but nevertheless with its own piece of NYC.

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