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The Creek Behind my House

Last week my dad told me of a path that’s perfect for running and it’s right behind my house.  Little did I know that there was a creek running through this woodsy path and very tall trees are surrounding it.  I went for a quick run that day but left with the feeling that I would return to take some pictures.  My previous post was of very colorful trees from a drive by Needwood lake.  By this next photo shoot I went to the path and most leaves had fallen but that certainly added to the creek’s allure.  So I went today and took some pics of water, rocks, fallen leaves and the tall trees (30 ft.?).   As you will see, I cropped and modified some pictures and used different filters on the pics with rocks.  The others I mostly tweaked for lighting only.

I love the cloud pattern behind this tree

The foliage "canopy".

This is one of my favorites... a blurry creek and the leaves on a rock. (This pic was done with a lens filter and software filter!).

Leaves, hanging on or hanging out!

Chiseled rocks

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