© 2010 Carlos Moran

Fallen Leaf

Fall pictures are almost a requirement of any photographer.  The changing seasons, the colors, the brisk air, the need for warmer foods are all in the air.  Yet, what grabs our imagination is in the air, or the ground and mostly on trees.  The wonderful, brief, and amazing changing of the leaves on trees.  God’s imagination is on full display when trees go into hibernation and shed their summer clothing in time for winter; and for a moment’s time these trees we take for granted draw our attention to themselves by doing this transformation and by doing quite elegantly and beautifully.  These few pictures are but a glimpse.

Walking in to the forest

The tree and the lampost

This pic is from a drive by of Needwood lake park

A closer view of this tree reveals amazingly saturated leaves and intricate branch patterns

A close up of leaves... (I ran this through a vintage filter so the colors are muted and the hue is slighty changed).