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Underwater descent!

Finally an underwater view of the pool.  Not that anyone was even remotely curious but once you realize that being underwater means that all sorts of neat optical things happen when you take a picture and water is in the way of the subject.  Sometimes, the water itself is the subject.  I found this picture taking to be an interesting challenge and here’s a few of the ideas I figured would be interesting to photograph:  I jumped in, looked up and took a pic of the bubbles rising and that was all I needed for one of the pics.  There’s also a picture in the collection of a lifeguard tower with a neat natural distortion effect (take that! Photoshop).   There’s scene of a swimmer in mid freestyle stroke; a self-portrait and other scenes of underwater coolness like internal reflections, refractions and other natural effects* of underwater photography.  I have posted most of the pictures but one of the rolls of film may have gotten wet.  I hope to recover those pics. I hope you like the ones I posted. Update: I added some pictures from the film that got wet and some beach pics!


Hand breaks water surface

Natural filter

A ladder and a sign indicating depth

Close-up of bubbles



The full gallery is below:

*Geometric optics for those who took physics. 🙂

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