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Benjamin+Lisa & Jamila @ Summer Sounds

It was great to finally hear Benjamin’s songs and the great arrangements provided by Lisa.  It was fun to listen to and each song had a style of its own concluding with a fun jam by Lisa in the middle of the song.  Jamila was a perfect counterpart to the evening with a soothing but powerful voice and unique lyrics.  Both Benjamin & Jamila were some of the best sounds in Christian music now, far from the cookie-cutter music that permeates the current choices.   Here are some of the pictures (as a bonus, I am including iPhone-filtered pics, as well). Update: I found a video of Jamila and posted it below, but there are none of Benjamin on Youtube (yet).


For an encore, there were a couple songs on the piano

Benjamin and his second time with Lisa

"El maestro" went all out on some of the songs

Carlos had a very slick solo all his own

Bonus: iPhone pic

The full gallery is below:

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