© 2010 Carlos Moran

NYC, Filtered

I don’t like photo albums where all of the pictures seem to have been altered in Photoshop but this post is a total self-contradiction because all of the pics have been passed through a software filter.  I took the pics of NYC last weekend and instead of Photoshop I’ve used my iPhone to apply the effects.  All of the pics have been through a vintage look of some sort but instead of distracting, I believe the effect has made these pics all the more interesting.

This filter perfectly brings out the contrast of the green and the flower

At Bryant Park

Amazing skyline as seen from a table at Bryant Park

More random people at the park

My favorite pic is of this caterpillar that dropped from the umbrella above our heads!

I've been to NYC many times before and had never caught a glimpse of this retro-futuristic sculpture!

World Cup champions celebration at Times Square

A wonderful view of this highly geometrical, super modern looking building. The diagonals at the top are just great.