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DC Monuments, Night Pics pt 1

I had enough free time the other day to visit downtown DC for a picture session.  My first destination was is the Washington Monument simply because there’s so many monuments near each other that the location practically chose itself.  I started by snapping a pic of the Washington monument itself then headed west, across the street to see and photograph the WWII memorial which has working lights until very late at night.  Before heading there I wanted to snap a photo of the South Lawn of the White House but apparently Barack Obama goes to sleep before midnight because the White House lights were out!  I was surprised, I didn’t think the lights went out at all but that shows you Cinderella is not the only one going to bed before midnight.  I say that tongue-in-cheek obviously, since for all I know the President could have been on a call with BP or Nelson Mandela at the time.

The World War II memorial is even better because of its fountains, its direct view of the Lincoln monument and a great view of the Washington Monument and the Capital offset from each other.  The WWII memorial is very walkable and interesting and its soothing fountains are wonderful to photograph since they are lighted in a way that makes you think rays of light are shooting from the fountain and not water.   The pictures below are a first set and I have other photo sessions in the works.  I did edit some of them but hopefully not in a way that distracts from the subject.

The wall of stars in the WWII memorial.

The fountain in the WWII memorial.

A picture of the wreaths. One for each state.

The washington monument looks glowy! It's very well lit and I enhanced the purples in the night sky a bit.

The lincoln monument and the reflecting pool with a streak of light in the sky from a passing plane.

A closer view of the lincoln monument and its reflection.

Hope you liked these and the next set that will follow!

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