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NYC: An attempt to capture some classic scenes

Outside of Times Square, on its fringes, NYC is not as chaotic; it’s still very much ordered chaos but far easier to absorb.  Try to stop in the middle of the sidewalk on 7th avenue and you’ll know what I mean.  You’ll be whisked to the side by your instinct of survival when you see the sheer volume of people rushing in your direction.  Go to 3rd avenue and its a different story.  It is still bustling with activity of people who never stop but far more walkable.  It’s also a place to really see where the locals hang out in peaceful locations.  In this second set of pictures I tried to capture people who you are guaranteed to see in NYC, cliches or classics, of a sort.  By all means the cliches I tried to capture are not necessarily New York exclusives but in New York you’ll see cops directing traffic, dog walkers, bikers, girls with bug-eyed glasses, door men, break dancers, skaters, and those with tailored suits within blocks of one another.  Below, you’ll see just the scenes of a small sampling, and hardly representative but still interesting of those who make the big city their home.

A cop directing traffic

Movie makers!

More movie makers!

A lady and her dog outside of Central Park

A door man hailing a taxi!

Bug-eyed glasses? Check. Big purses? Check.

Ice cream stands

People hailing cabs.

Texting moms.

A skater and a kid chasing a ball

Nice bike!

Lets not forget the crowds!

Full gallery, below.

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