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NYC: places & architecture

It’s hard to capture the “look” of NYC because there really isn’t one; but we do speak of feeling that is unique to the place and maybe  it’s more like a marvelous collection of a thousand types of people and places all working together to make up a single New York City look and feel.  Today I’ll post but a few scenes of the New York skyline, its streets, bridges and all their wonderful juxtaposition.  The gallery contains 20 pictures but I’ll single out some of my faves below.  The people post will follow.

One way streets are surrounded by big and bigger buildings and the one constant are NYC cabbies everywhere.

A nice blue facade. Apartments go on top; mom and pop shops on the first floor.

A canopy made of American Elm Trees in Central Park.

I increased the contrast a good amount to highlight the amazing colors going on in this pic.

A great view of this bridge and buildings, juxtaposed.

Signs! Colors, sizes and a nice place in the middle of times square for people to hang out.

The Gallery.

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