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Tulips (with a tutorial thrown in)

I’ve been showing you a lot of flower pictures lately and I can’t help but post some more.  I like these a lot primarily because it was a spontaneous idea to shoot these tulips and also because I think the pics came out very nice.  I don’t have a macro lens to shoot extremely up-close so my choice comes down to my stock zoom lens (18-55mm) or my much longer (55-250mm).  The best effect comes from using the longest lens at the highest zoom at 250mm and also the highest aperture (f number should be the lowest).  In this way I stand a little farther away but I can focus very nicely on just the flower and blur away most of the surroundings.  The blur corresponds to a low f number.  Using manual mode, I select the AV (aperture value) button and choose the lowest possible setting.  For example the middle photo below with just one tulip shown is at a 96mm zoom, aperture (f number) is 5 and ISO is 200.

Using the highest aperture means that I am allowing the most amount of light at that zoom level and to avoid over exposure I used a low ISO and a high shutter speed.  There was strong sunlight but not directly overhead which gave the flowers a great backlight that I wanted to capture.  These ideas are easy to replicate and makes shooting flowers a very easy and very rewarding photo shoot.

Now the pics.

Many colored tulips shown in this pic!

My favorite pic is a pointy petal tulip. It looks very cool. I didn't know these existed until I took the pic.

This pic shows the two types of petals available. The strong back light comes through some petals giving it nice effect. Another choice would have been to soften the effect but I like it!

These are petals in a neighbor’s front yard so I’ll make sure to show her the pics and thanks her!

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