© 2010 Carlos Moran Signs on the rock creek.

Vintage DC: A Busy day in K St NW

The picture taking day was good!   I took one picture of the rock creek, seen above and I went to the place where I used to work in K St (the office building next to Cosi, for those who know K &13th). This area is full of office buildings, parks, office goers, and lost tourists.  Anyhow, the pictures show a day full of activity: people going to lunch, others getting off the bus, a meeting in the park, taxis and other daily views of downtown DC.  Note: this is not the usual crop of DC monument pictures.  I’ll leave those for my last roll.

A priest in the park.

My favorite pic today: Crossing K St.

Getting off the bus.

My 2nd favorite pic from today: Franklin Sq Fire station

Leisure time at Franklin Sq.

The great white tree* in Franklin Sq. and a guy sleeping on his lunch break. (*Disclaimer: LOTR references may come of the blue)

Full gallery (includes more shots of the park and office buildings):