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A Long Shot at Vintage

Recently I bought a film lomo camera to get some pictures that were naturally vintage-looking.  I bought plenty of film, however, being very rusty in the old school medium I managed to spoil two rolls and only one roll survived.  That’s a major photographic onslaught of film with only a few pictures to redeem the whole adventure in to old medium.  That was quite a set back but I’ll keep trying.

It’s worthwhile to mention that re-visiting film requires with this camera means a fixed lens (I can’t zoom); fixed ISO (whatever film I use is a big factor on what lighting conditions I can use) and no redos! So the challenges presented are actually fun since it I have to make the best of it with very little.  I’ll post only a few of those pics as I intend a redo of this whole vintage photo idea tomorrow. I should have something more worthy then.  For now, however, its fun to look at these pics of a day in Rockville, MD.  It looks like I dug these out from an old album; but they are from a week ago.

Starbucks, 1976 or 2010

Starbucks looking like it's 1976.

A cloudy day makes 355 look more recession-like.

This Exxon station is sporting its recession-era look quite prominently.

Exxon should have fixed this sign back in the 70s when I took this pic.

A closer look at this beat-up sign; maybe a bird crashed into it and left it this way.

Going back home after a long day on 355...

I'm finally heading back home and ending a day of revisiting this challenging and fun format!


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